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IMPORTANT: As the PPI deadline has now past (29th August 2019) we can no longer help with your claim and as a result will not be taking on new clients for PPI Claims

JPS Financial are a claims management company. You can present your PBA claim for free to your lender and/or the Financial Ombudsman. However, we have years of experience, successfully claiming on behalf of our clients, so sit back, relax. Let us do the work


Successful claims

Mr M From Sussex claimed back £10,873.93

"Thank you very much for achieving such a wonderful result and recouping a very good sum"
Mr M Sussex
Mr M
Mr M From London claimed back £10,890.20

"I would just like to say I had no idea where to start. In fact, I didn’t even have much information, but the process was simple and I am very please with my refund"
Mr M London
Mr M
Mrs P From Manchester claimed back £24,000.00

"Fab company worked for me, no hassle, excellent service"
Mrs P
Mr W From Merseyside claimed back £16,711.97

"Thanks for your help recovering my PPI, May I just say the whole process has been dealt with in a very professional way"
Mr W

Payment Protection Insurance, often abbreviated to PPI, is a product supposedly designed to protect consumers in the event that they are unable to keep up with their credit repayments. However, now that the PPI claim deadline has passed (29th August 2019) it is unlikely you are able to claim your PPI back. Only in very limited circumstances may you still be eligible to claim

Mis-Sold PPI?

By now you have probably become aware of the PPI mis-selling scandal that affected many of the UK’s financial institutions over the last fifteen years – with around twenty million people being sold one of these policies as an addition to their mortgage, loan, Hire Purchase – even their credit card. 

Previously rejected PPI claim?

We may still be able to help.

If you have previously investigated your PPI claim and the creditor turned you away, we could still help. A legal case, known as Plevin v Paragon has enabled many cases to be re-visited. This was down to the high level of commission paid to the bank for selling PPI to you. In many cases this was more the 50% of the entire cost of PPI. As a result cases previously rejected by the creditors need to be reviewed, to make sure you do not miss a potential refund. Fill in our contact form or call us and we can get the process started for you. Please note, such cases must proceed through a legal route and not through the DISP route usually adopted by PPI complaints. Your case will be referred to a regulated law firm.

What can we do for you?

Unfair Commission / Plevin Cases

If you have previously investigated PPI and your claim was unsuccessful, we may be able to re-investigate this for you due to a legal precedent. Creditors would often receive high levels of commission from the sales of PPI and this may mean a refund is due to you. We may also have a solution for you if you have previously had a partial refund on your PPI policy, what is commonly known as a 'Tipping point' refund. To find out if you fit this criteria get in touch and speak to one of our friendly advisors. Please note, such cases must proceed through a legal route and not through the DISP route usually adopted by PPI complaints. Your case will be referred to a regulated law firm.

Refer a Friend

Refer someone to us and earn yourself £50. Don’t let your friends and family miss out on reclaiming their money.

Packaged Bank Account Claim

If you have paid a monthly fee or subscription for a bank account, which may have included several insurance products and breakdown cover, this could have been mis-sold to you. you could be entitled to a refund and compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Payment Protection Insurance, often abbreviated to PPI, is a product supposedly designed to protect consumers in the event that they are unable to maintain credit repayments, in certain specified circumstances.

Whether PPI was mis-sold to you depends entirely on the events that took place when you obtained the credit to which the PPI was associated. Examples of where PPI may have been mis-sold include:

  • PPI was not adequately explained to you;
  • You were required to take out a PPI policy in order to obtain credit;
  • You were told that taking out a PPI policy would improve your chances of obtaining credit;
  • You were unemployed, self-employed or retired, so you were not eligible for the PPI sold to you, making the policy worthless;
  • You would have received sick pay, or benefits from your employer in the event of you having to take time off work, so making the PPI policy an unnecessary cost to yourself;
  • PPI was added to your credit agreement without you knowing about it.

However, please note the PPI deadline has now passed and you can no longer submit a new claim for mis-sold PPI.

The scenario by which a specific PPI policy is triggered, depends on the wording of each policy. Generally, the PPI would be relied upon should you lose your job, or have time off work due to injury, or ill health.

Any one of the above examples is enough to bring a successful claim for mis-selling. In practice, such has been the prevalence of mis-selling across the credit industry, our experience shows that often a combination of the above mal-practices have occurred in the single selling of individual PPI policies. It is time to get back the money that is rightfully yours.

unfortunately, now the PPI deadline has past, we can no longer submit a claim for mis-selling.

How compensation for mis-selling of PPI will be paid to you depends on the status of the loan/credit card account to which the PPI is connected. If there are no arrears on the loan/credit card account, you ought to receive a direct payment (most often by way of cheque) of the financial redress offered to you. If there are arrears on your loan/credit card account, some or all of your financial redress may be applied to reduce the arrears, with any remainder then paid to you. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, you can cancel your agreement with us at any time. However, after the initial 14 days of you signing your agreement with us, should you then wish to cancel with us we reserve the right to charge you a reasonable amount to cover our reasonable administration costs to date. There is absolutely no charge to cancel within the first 14 days of you signing your contract, regardless of the work we have done.

Our success fee is 20% + VAT of the financial redress that we obtain for you from your creditors.

JPS Financial only charge a success fee once a creditor has proposed a reasonable offer of financial redress. Upon our receipt of confirmation that a refund has been applied to your account and/or monies sent to you, we will then send you an invoice for our success fee, which will be payable within 7 days of the date of the invoice (for example, if an invoice is dated the 5th of the month, our fee is payable by 5pm on the 19th of the month,or if the 19th is a non-business day, the fee is payable by 5pm on the first business day following the 19th).

We accept payment by cheque (made payable to ‘JPS Financial Ltd’), postal order, card payment,  bank & internet transfer.

If you have any queries, at any time, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are here to assist you in obtaining redress for what is rightfully yours.

You should receive a response from the creditor within 8 weeks of us bringing a claim on your behalf. If the response is not satisfactory, your claim may need to be escalated to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) which could take up to 2 years for a final decision. However the FOS suggest that they manage to deal with 25% of cases inside of 6 months.

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